DOYOUYOGA 30 Day Meditation Challenge

So I had so much fun with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge that I decided to take on the 30 Day Meditation Challenge by

It’s a 30 day series of videos that are under 10 minutes and (most importantly) free!

All you have to do is sign up and the website keeps track of your progress as well as offers other courses and challenges you can embark on!

Day one was 100% about figuring it out. I like a challenge you can ease in to.

As a busy mother of three I am always looking for ways to bring peace and calm to my life. If I can take 10 minutes out of the day for me and still be a attentive and present mom well that’s the perfect situation!

What I like about this challenge is that it is short enough that I can take 10 minutes even when my kids are around and make it happen. I also like that it requires little to no prep work so when the moment arrives I can spring on it! 

So for day one I filled a Ziploc bag with some yummy little snacks, brought some toys out on the front patio (buckets and shovels work wonders), made a comfortable and soothing spot for me to meditate and most importantly made the decision to take this time for myself.

If your husband is anything like mine he is probably less than supportive of me time. And if he’s unsupportive of me time, he’s EVEN less supportive of things like meditation and yoga.

But taking this time is important and when you’ve made that decision it should be important to him to. And if it’s not and sometimes that’s just the reality of the situation then take the time for yourself when he’s not around. Do it for you!

So join me as I navigate through this meditation challenge and hopefully we all gain some peace and mindfulness from this. 


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