When I asked my children “What is mommy’s favorite thing to do?” Their first answer was “Cook us dinner!”

No. That is wrong.

I have my short comings, I’m stubborn and I tend to have a short fuse. I also swear more than I’d like, and give my kids more fast food then I’d like (seriously, I have no idea why they thought cooking was my favorite thing).

So what am I about? I’m an environmentalist. We only have one planet, we need to care for it. I try to be as philanthropic as I can afford to be.  I am not a perfect parent but I do my best, I identify STRONGLY with “hot mess mom”. I work out of the home full time so I am constantly at war with my guilt of “not being there enough” coupled with my need to “get the hell out of my house”. Seriously, round of applause for stay at home moms.

I love to read and write, which is part of where my motivation to start this blog comes from.

I am out to show my children that I don’t just want to cook them dinner. I want to show them that I want more than that, and hopefully inspire them to want more.

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